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=P -Kae Ti xx
Izzy's Izzy Ramble


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Izzy's Izzy Ramble
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"Edam is yummy, but don't eat the red stuff, Bert."

* * * * *



Isabella is in mysticle magenta

Izzy is in Prodigious orange

* * * * *

Mwah ha ha ha finally I have captured a digidestined.

Why have you locked me in this horrible room?

....its got a couch..


Because it wouldn't be an interesting rant if it was just me.

.....your weird.

Ha well anyway im the female Izzy and in no way did i steal his name. *points thumb at Izzy*

yeah right...

Shhh! I am the ruler of this page and you will not sass me!

. . . . .

Thats better. now this is a page of me haha and whatever I feel like saying but mostly Im too busy and Izzy will update mostly for me.

thats why you locked me in here!!

I love it when they scream. *Evil grin* Anyways thanks v. muck to Kae Ti for putting this up as part of her site. *hugs^^*

How the hell am I gonna know what you wanna say on here if your too busy!

*moves towards a mysterious item hidden beneath a red cloth* with this *unveils a computer*

Prodigious! at least I've got a computer.

you should be hounored to be serving the great Isabella.

*sweat drop* Yeah right.

of course there will be things that Izzy must not hear.

Huh wha Ahh my ears im deaf!

He will be my bitch, dammit! ^^

Pretty good idea huh ah Izzy so close but yet so far. heh I edited a pic >>>
Well Its bye from me till next time! If you like my art go to my archive at Side7! (Linked below.)

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