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Old Updates


Old Updates
The Raging Horn!
Taiora/Mimato? !!!
Aol Users Read This!
Escape Route

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Wednesday 19th December 2001

Oh Izzy, Izzy, Izzy. Can we say 'lazy ho-bag'? I knew we could! Okay, so I'm not the speediest of update sparks either. But the upshot of the situation is, Izzy is no longer taking control of the page. I'm not gong to let it go down, but I don't have time to fully update it regularly anymore. So it's now going to be only a fanficton/fanart archive, with whatever silly things I've already done (like the Taiora/Mimato rant) just hanging around for fun. I was going to keep Izzy's Izzy rant up as well, cos I think it's well funny (my sense of humour is twisted) but she commanded I take it down. Confound you, Imoutochan!

The Raging Horn!

FanArt will be given a good hauling over before the next update - I am learning HTML slowly but surely :P If anyone fancies mailing me to tell me how to make a link open in a new window, it'd be much appreciated! Oh, and expect ALBoH Part Eleven over Christmas XD Ja ne!

Sunday July 1st 2001

Okay, as you may have noticed (if anybody's still bothering to check back here at all), I haven't updated in, like, MONTHS. This is mainly due to my being very busy with schoolwork and exams, and also being very lazy. So, as of this update, I am handing over control of TaitoMania to my Mouto-chan Izzy (or Isabella, if you prefer). My fanfiction will still be hosted here, and I will still have a say in what goes up and giving Izzy ideas and stuff. If she tries to crowbar Taishiro onto the site, flame her.

Taiora/Mimato? !!!

The Raging Horn!
Links Page

Wheee! I have an affiliate! Everybody say hi to Crystal-sama of Crystal Gatomon's Lair. Go there! Go there NOW! Also thanks to Crystal for making me a very funky linkage button (check it out in the Links section) *GLOMPS* Yey! Buttonage!

Thursday March 8th 2001

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I couldn't get into my account at Tripod, so I had to transfer EVERYTHING over to a new account. Hence the delay. Unfortunately, this also means that I have lost my old guestbook, so if you wanna be in my new guestbook then get scribbling!

Fanart Archives
Fanfiction Archives
Links Page
HTML Junkyard

Many many MANY thanks to Gree Falcon for the banner! *glomps* I love it! You can use the smaller version in the Links section to link to me. ^^ Please link to me! I like having friends!

The HTML Junkyard currently sucks ass because I've taken all the webrings down, so I can rejoin with my new address. I'll try to get more junk up ASAP.

Saturday January 6th 2001

Hey-hey! I actually didn't mean to update again already, but I clicked the *publish* button by accident, so here I am deleting the stuff that isn't quite finished and only updating the stuff that is. Gah. So much for a big update.


HTML Junkyard contains random polls, random webrings and other such stuff that I can't get onto the sitebuilder pages. More Art Archives coming soon.

Monday January 1st 2001

Happy New Year, peoples! May it be prosperous and filled with yummy Taito goodness. ::glomps all:: Have a good one! (ooh-er)


Well, there ain't a lot in the lunch cart right now, but there will be loadsa yummy pics in there soon. I had to go live with it before I put any pictures up for complicated reasons that I can't be bothered to explain. I'll put pics up as soon as I can, probably later today.

Monday December 25th 2000

Rearranged the updates page so new stuff is at the top, fixed some broken links. Added 'The Raging Horn' section - check it out for sexy pics!

Tuesday December 5th 2000

5.10pm - We have sounds! I'm trying to get a poll too. Don't hold your breath though.

5.45pm - Un poll a la DigiNoises page! Oh heck, I was never any good at French. Thoughts going out to Sarah-chan who just sat her French mock. ^_^ Good luck Sarah yah huggles!

Monday December 4th 2000

2.55pm - Got some flames at last! Did a bit of bitching, as is my job... might upload some sound files tonight if I'm not too lazy =P.

Sunday December 3rd 2000

4.05pm - Finally found out why Tripod was being such a bitch, just as I was about to ditch it for Crosswinds! Tripod SiteBuilder DOES NOT LIKE Aol. If you use Aol and are considering building a site with Tripod, check out the "Aol Users Read This!" notice (in the menu bar). Anyways, I have finally put up Izzy's Izzy Ramble. Checkitt. Err... that's it, really. Oh yeah, I put up Part Nine of my "A Love Born of Hate" fic too. Enjoy.

Monday November 13th 2000

4.10pm - Uh, added an updates page! This site was just put up yesterday, so expect loadsa updates as I add new pages and whatnot. For example, I am now going to start work on a Sounds page. I tried to make a Sounds page before but Tripod was being a sod and not uploading my .mp3s or my .wavs properly. I'll give it another shot. =P -Kae Ti xx

So why do I love Digimon and/or Taito, I hear you ask? Well, to be honest, at first I preferred Pokemon. But then my friend Isabella showed me a couple of Digimon fanfics, and I was hooked! I spent hours looking for digifics on the net, and felt inspired to write one of my own (check out the fanfic section to read it). I don't mind Yaoi or Yuri stuff as some of my closest friends and a even one of my relatives is that way inclined, so's to speak, but that's neither here nor there. There so obviously IS yaoi in Digimon, specifically Taito, so congratulations to the makers of the show for having the balls to tackle such a controversial issue!

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