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Aol Users Read This!


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Aol Users Read This!
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Tripod SiteBuilder *will* be a bitch to you if you are an Aol user! Here, for the first time ever, is your exclusive guide on how to cure this problem.

Step 1 - Slap the monitor.

Step 2 - yell, "Bad bitch! Bad Bitch Tripod! BAD BAD BITCH!!"

Okay, no really, I recently switched to Aol and suddenly Tripod kept giving me these really irritating "Temporary Interruption" notices every time I tried to update. You get them occasionally anyway, but I seriously could not update anything at all.


Simply connect with Aol, then minimise the Aol window BEFORE GOING TO TRIPOD. Then double click (or single click, if you've set your preferences that way) on the Internet Explorer icon. It might be on your desktop, or it might be buried elsewhere in your disk drive. It should look something like this:

Internet Explorer Icon

Or the "e" part, anyway. I couldn't find a pic of the "e" part on its own. If you don't have Internet Explorer you can download it from, but you'll have to sign up for a free homepage first. Keep going, pretending that you want a homestead site, and then it'll shout at you for being an Aol user and give you the chance to download Internet Explorer. Obviously Homestead doesn't like Connie* any more than we do.

Anyways, once you've got Internet Explorer going, use that browser window to access Tripod and build your site, and you shouldn't encounter any problems after that.

Happy Building! ^_^ -Kae Ti xx

PS - you can VIEW a Tripod page perfectly well with Aol. It's just when you try to build that it's a bitch. BAD BAD BITCH TRIPOD!

* For all you non-British Aol users, Connie is the UK voice that says "Wel-come - to - A-o-l" and "You - have - e-mail" and "You've - got - com-pan-y" and other such crap. She is ANNOYING AS HELL. Infact, it might only be the UK Aol that Tripod fiercely detests. *shrug* At any rate, even if this only helps one person, it'll be something. *polishes her halo*

Enter supporting content here. *No! You can't make me! BAD BITCH! Down Tripod! Down boy! No biscuit! BAD BAD BITCH!*

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