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Here you'll find everything you need to know, and a bit more besides, about all eight of the DigiDestined and their Digimon.

If you have problems reading the text, highlight it - just realised that people with red/green colorblindnes might have fun on Sora's part... *sweatdrop*

Yagami Taichi

Taichi "Tai" Yagami

(NB: They didn't change Taichi's name from Yagami to Kamiya because Yagami is "I'm A Gay" written backwards. They changed it because Yagami means "Eight Gods" and they thought Western religion might find that offensive.)

Crest: Courage (orange)

Digimon: Botamon-> Koromon-> Agumon-> Greymon-> MetalGreymon-> WarGreymon-> Omnimon

Relatives: Taichi lives with his Mom and Dad, and his little sister Hikari, also a member of the DigiDestined. They also have a cat, Miiko, but I think he actually belongs to Hikari. Anyways, he seems to get on quite well with all his family, and is always very supportive towards his little sister.

Personality: Taichi is the leader of the gang, impulsive and fearless. He often gets into arguments with Yamato about the decision making, but we reckon they like eachother really *wink wink nudge nudge*. He is usually the first to rush into danger without thinking, but he does care a great deal about the safety and well-being of the group. A natural born optimist, Taichi is the life and soul of the DigiDestined, guaranteed to raise all their spirits when hope is flagging - but he can occasionally be very deep and emotional *koffkoffsubzeroicepunchkoffkoffYAOIkoff*.

Classic Taichi Quote: "I will never give up!"

Izumi Koushiro

Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi

Crest: Knowledge (purple)

Digimon: Pabumon-> Motimon-> Tentomon-> Kabuterimon-> MegaKabuterimon -> HerculesKabuterimon

Relatives: Koushiro's real parents were killed in a car crash when he was just three months old, so he now lives with his adoptive Mom and Dad. His adoptive Dad and his real Dad were cousins, and the Izumis had just lost a baby of their own, so it seemed like fate that they should take in baby Koushiro. He loves them just as much as if they were his real parents, and they support him every bit as though he was their real son.

Personality: Koushiro is defintely the brains of the party, constantly tapping away on his laptop and muttering "Prodigious!" under his breath. I mean, how old is this kid? Eleven? And he knows the meaning of a word like 'prodigious'? I had to look it up in the dictionary, and I'm fifteen! (The dickie definition was: "1.Marvelous or amazing. 2.Enormous. 3.Abnormal." I think he means the first one.) Anyways, Koushiro can be pretty much of a loner sometimes, often preferring the company of his laptop to that of his friends, but he can always be depended on to pull his weight in a crisis. He seems to get on well with Gennai, probably because of his raging thirst to discover more about the Digital World. He also seems to get on well with Jyou, and the two 'geeks' of the DigiDestined make quite a pair!
Classic Koushiro Quote: "Prodigious!" (Well, what else?)

Tachikawa Mimi

Mimi Tachikawa

Crest: Sincerity (green)

Digimon: Yuramon-> Tanemon-> Palmon-> Togemon-> Lillymon-> Rosemon

Relatives: Mimi lives with her Mom and Dad. MIMI'S MOM! Christ on a bike, flakiness looks bad even on Mimi but it's CATASTROPHIC on a full grown woman such as Mrs Tachikawa (yeah I don't know her first name, you wanna make something of it? I can get Togemon in here to kick your ass!). Mimi's Dad seems to be the one keeping the family's feet on the ground - without him, the girls would probably float away into space, they're so full of air. Luckily Mimi now has Palmon's Poison Ivy attack to keep the pink ditz from floating too far up... but I digress. Mimi lives with her Mom and Dad. There.

Personality: Don't ask. She really can be sincere at times, such as when her friends and family are endangered, but the rest of the time she's just... well, Mimi. She worries, like Jyou, but more about her hair and her clothes than her grades, and she's likely to burst into tears when things get difficult or when she can't have her own way. On the positive side, she's usually sunny and cheerful, normally sporting a smile on her face. Just one real question where Mimi is concerned - what is *with* that hat?

Classic Mimi Quote: "Mom, I'm dying my clothes pink again!"

Yagami Hikari

Hikari "Kari" Yagami

Crest: Light (pink)

Digimon: Protomon-> Nyaromon-> Salamon-> Gatomon-> Angewomon-> Magnadramon

Relatives: Hikari is Taichi's sister, and therefore has the same relatives as him (well, duh). Because I need to fill space in this column, I'll repeat myself - Hikari and Taichi live with both their Mom and Dad, and Hikari's cat Miiko. For all you new fans who may be confused about this (I know I was for a while), Miiko is an ordinary cat. Gatomon is a cat-like Digimon. They are not, never have been and never will be the same beast.

Personality: Sweet and caring, innocent and pure, Hikari is often described as being 'too perfect'. Never losing her temper (at least, I've never seen her lose her temper) and being perpetually smiley and loving to everyone (except the bad guys), Hikari's one failing is probably her lack of immune system. She's forever coming down with something or other, the reason she couldn't go to camp with Taichi and the others was because she had a cold. A cold! I ask you, if you had payed big bucks to go to a summer camp you'd been looking forward to for months, would you wimp out because of one measly stinking runny nose? No balls, that child. Absolutely no balls whatsoever.

Classic Hikari Quote: "Tai, I don't feel very well..."

All images taken from Digimon City, with many thanks. Digimon City has now gone offline, which is a shame, cause it was a really great site.

Ishida Yamato

Yamato "Matt" Ishida

Crest: Friendship (blue)

Digimon: Punimon-> Tsunomon-> Gabumon-> Garurumon-> WereGarurumon-> MetalGarurumon-> Omnimon

Relatives: Yamato used to live with both his Mom and Dad until they divorced eachother. Since then he has lived with his Dad, while his little brother Takeru (also a member of the DigiDestined) lived with his Mom.

Personality: Yamato comes over as very I-am-Mister-Cool-don't-touch-my-hair, but underneath it he's a very emotional person, crying more than the girls when he thinks nobody is looking. The rest of the DigiDestined think that Takeru annoys Yamato, but this just isn't true. Takeru is the centerpin of Yamato's world, and he cares about his brother more than he cares about himself. And of course, as we all know, he fancies the pants off Taichi.

Classic Yamato Quote: "Tai, you have to know how much our friendship has always meant to me..." *grins soppily* We know, Yamato, we know.

Takenouchi Sora

Sora Takenouchi

Crest: Love (red)

Digimon: Nyokomon-> Yokomon-> Biyomon-> Birdramon-> Garudamon-> Phoenixmon

Family: Sora lives with her Mom who, until the "Biyomon Gets Firepower" episode, she was convinced didn't love her. Actually, Mrs Takenouchi cares a great deal for Sora, she just doesn't think that Sora loves her! Err... that's about it for Sora's family. She doesn't have any brothers or sisters or pets or anything... bit boring really. Sorry, Sora fans.

Personality: Mild-tempered and generous, Sora is usually the one to break Taichi and Yamato up when they're bitching at eachother. She's the mother-figure of the DigiDestined, and particularly seems to look out for Tai - probably cause nobody else is and she reckons somebody needs to watch his back. Or his ass. Which brings me to another point: does Sora have her eye on Tai? Maybe, maybe not. Does Tai have his eye on Sora? Not a chance in hell!

Classic Sora Quote: "Oh, I love you, Biyomon!" (cue funny look from Tai :P)

Kido Jyou

Jyou "Joe" Kido

Crest: Reliability (gray)

Digimon: Pitchmon-> Bukamon-> Gomamon-> Ikkakumon-> Zudomon-> MarineAngemon

Relatives: I got to this point and suddenly realsied I knew practially nothing about Jyou's family. I knew he had an older brother, Shin (Jim), who was training to be a doctor. I knew his Dad wanted him to be a doctor, but Jyou himself was not so sure. And that was it. So what did I do? I went surfing all the Jyou sites I could find, of course! And I discovered (drumroll please) ...that his older brother Shin is training to be a doctor and that his Dad wants him to do the same but Jyou's not so sure. It seems that not a lot is known about Jyou generally, but one site did mention that his parents, in the plural, want him to be a doctor. Does Jyou have a Mom? Could somebody email me or leave a message in my guestbook to let me know? Thanks. Oh yeah - and Shin rides a motorbike.

** Thanks go out to Crystal for letting me know that Jyou actually has two older brothers in the Japanese original, but Saban dubbed one of them out. WHY?? Stupid Saban ><

Personality: Think of Shaggy from the Scooby Doo show, and there you have Jyou in a nutshell. Nah, he's not that bad... quite. Actually, Jyou is the worrywart of the gang, always preaching about consequences - problem is, he only seems to think of the bad ones! A regular pessimist, Jyou is the last to agree to any of Tai's harebrained schemes (unless Yamato is feeling particularly pissed off that day) but his heart's in the right place, bless 'im - when push comes to shove, Jyou can always be counted on to pull through for his friends. He's a plucky little blue-haired sod really. Interesting fact - Jyou is pronounced the same as Joe. I found that out while looking for info on his family.

Classic Jyou Quote: "Why am I talking to myself? Even worse, why am I listening and answering back?"

Takaishi Takeru

Takeru "TK" Takaishi

Crest: Hope (yellow)

Digimon: Poyomon-> Tokomon-> Patamon-> Angemon-> MagnaAngemon ->Angedramon

Relatives: Incase you hadn't noticed, Takeru is Yamato's brother (NOT his half brother, as the English dub would have you believe). However, Takeru lives with his Mom while Yamato lives with his Dad since their parents divorced, cruelly ripping the brothers apart (sorry, I feel strongly about this). Mrs Ishida changed hers and Takeru's surname back to Takaishi, which explains why Takeru doesn't have the same surname as Yamato. THEY ARE NOT HALF BROTHERS DAMN YOU DUB!

Personality: The Takeru is not a terribly independent little creature, and can often be found bawling his eyes out with his face in his older brother's crotch. Yamato is his favorite for obvious reasons, but Takeru also tends to look upon Taichi as an older brother substitute, which gives Yamato a bit o' the ole green-eye and can make sparks fly between the two lovebirds. Claws in, kitten! Despite being fairly small and helpless, Takeru doesn't really need half the mollycoddling that Yamato bestows upon him, and can sometimes become irritated with his brother when he doesn't let him have a little independence. I haven't actually seen the episode where Takeru tells Yamato that he doesn't need him anymore, but it's supposed to be real good. Angsty. Yay, depression and woe! On the whole though, Yamato brings him up to be a fairly decent kid with a bad taste in hats. But we won't venture into the realms of 02 on this page, thankYOU - no Taito, no point.

Classic Takeru Quote: (referring to his parents' divorce) "That was back when I was a little kid!"

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