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Taiora/Mimato? !!!


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Taiora/Mimato? !!!
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Surfing the net, I have found some PRETTY POOR excuses for why Tai and Sora / Matt and Mimi should be together. I was quite frankly DISGUSTED by some of what I read, so I'm putting it down here so we can all point and laugh. *points* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... You get the idea.

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Click the button above to visit the Anti-Taiora/Mimato Rant's sister rant - the Anti-Sorato/Michi Rant! Because Taichi and Yamato belong TOGETHER, dammitt!


In the movie, Tai writes "love from" in the email he sends to Sora! And he gets all blushy about it! AWWWWW!!

LAME. Lame, lame, lame! This was crowbarred in by the dubbers, sorry to disillusion you, people. In the original Japanese, Taichi did not write anything of the sort. It was Hikari who waltzed on in and attached a flurry of hearts to the email, sending it before Taichi could stop her. So if anything, this points towards Hikora. Ick.

In the Spanish version of some episode or other, Tai says that he has to rescue Sora because she's one of his greatest treasures! Hah!

I don't doubt it. It would be just like the dubbers of the Western world to crowbar Taiora into the plot in order to hide Taito. IT'S DUBBED, DOOFUS! IT AIN'T HOW IT'S MEANT TO BE!! (And you just know that a coupling's in trouble when it has to search for 'proof' in foreign languages... Yeesh...)

In the battle with Apoclymon, Tai had said something, and Sora was the first person to say 'I agree with Tai'.

Lame. Sora wasn't the only who agreed with Taichi, if I remember correctly. So she was the first one to say it? Big deal, so Sora has a fat gob. Rejoice, Taiora fans, it must be true love! *sarc. sarc. sarc.*


If you write Matt Ishida's initials twice, it spells Mimi.

Oh PLEASE. Not only does this SUCK as a reason why two people should fall desperately in love with eachother, it is actually wrong. Matt's true initials are IY. If initials prove an undying love, it means that Mimato was created by the dubbers. It also means that Tai is in love with TK.

Mimi found a "cute" guy in the US called Michael. Michael and Matt both begin with M! And they both wear a green top and have the same hair!

Matt might begin with the same letter as Michael, but Yamato certainly doesn't. As I think I've already mentioned. Yamato's top is a deep forresty sexy green, whereas Michael's is the color of (skip this part if you're eating) watered down phlegm. And finally, Yamato's hair is sleek and gelled into the sexiest style ever, whereas Michael's tresses look somewhat like those of a french poodle.



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