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Escape Route


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Taiora/Mimato? !!!
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Escape Route

Weeeell, looky who's trying to sneak out the back way when they think Ti-san isn't looking! It's YOU, isn't it? Don't argue with me. I'd recognise YOU anywhere. Well, if you're determined to leave then I guess I can't stop you. Sniff. But... I CAN reccommend some totally prodigious Digimon websites for you to visit! What are you waiting for? Git on outta here, ya Digimon junkie, you!

Notice how I thumbnailed all the pics so they load faster? Aren't I lovely! Mouse over a banner/button to check the sitename.

Link To Me? (Please?)

Link To Meeeee!

Checkitt, somebody made me a banner! Many many MANY thanks to Gree Falcon for making this extremely bless banner. Now peoples can link to meee! Link to meeee! *bounces*

Seksy Button!

Seksy li'l button made for me by Crystal-sama just so she could affiliate me ^^ Feel free to use it! (Please? I mean, you'd hate to see a [half] grown girl beg, right?)


~ * Crystal Gatomon's Lair * ~

Wowie! I got an affiliate! GO to this site. I command it. It has sister rants to my Anti-Taiora/Mimato rants - Anti-Sorato/Michi rants! ^^ And you haven't lived until you've seen the Gomamon gif-page. March, two three!... *snicksnick* Checkitt!

Taito/Yaoi&Yuri Sites

Palon's Digimon For Adults

Don't know Palon personally but he seems like a nice enough guy... a really cute site. The My Angel shrines here are an absolute must-visit, and some of the artwork here is really amazing. Especially the "Palon's Site Helps Keep The Love Alive!" banner - kawaii!

Taito/Yaoi&Yuri Friendly Sites

Cunomon And Lexxy's Realm Of Digimon

Now this is just a GREAT site! There's so much information and fanstuff here and it's set out real purty too... much more than you'd usually expect from a Geocities site. Oh yeah, and if Cunomon starts talking too much then give him a digitreat to shut him up. Or just kick him. WHO said THAT?! Sorry Lexxy, there are some really rude fans on this site today. And you KNOW who you are...

The Digimon Dairi

This site belongs to my good friend Meg *glomps^^* and it has some totally awesome art drawn by her. YOU RAWK GIRL! Also features Sora and Jun hate-pages (down with Jun!) and regular competitions. GO THERE!

The Lost Temple Of Ishida

Hellyeah! This is the funniest site ever, full to bursting with crotching, Wormmon, hairgel and enraged Tokomon. Do YOU want one stuffed down YOUR pants? Of course you do! Get on down there!

The Yamato Shrine

Set up in the quiet backstreets of Cyberspace, this site is a calming influence when you need to recover and hunt for the socks that you just laughed off at Clare's Temple. Yamato without the bellyache.

~ A f f i l i a t e s ~

~ * Crystal Gatomon's Lair * ~

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