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The Raging Horn!


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The Raging Horn!
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Look! ^_^ A collection of pictures that give Kae Ti the... (drumroll please) ...RAGING HORN! The ultimate in sexy pictures of Taichi and Yamato (mostly Yamato though, cause there's more Yama totty on the net) and also any of the other guys I happen to feel are giving me the raging horn at the time. Or even the girls for that matter, but let's face it, Mimi is too busy getting The Horn off Togemon, Sora has a Horn Factor going into minus figures and Hikari's probably never even *heard* of The Horn. So it'll be mostly Matt and Tai. Let's see how many people can catch the Raging Horn from this page! It's infectious!

Mouse over the images to read the descriptions.

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Yes, folks, get your daily dose of Horn right here! *drools* You can send this pic (along with many others) as a YamatoGram to all your mates from the Odaiba Post Office at Clare's Temple. Pass on The Horn to all your friends! Spread The Horn! The link to the Posty Office is below which, incidentally, also gives me the Raging Horn =P.

Seksy Linkage!

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Now I KNOW I got these pics of various different other websites, but I've had them in storage so long I can't remember which I got from where ^_^;; If you see a pic that you think might be yours, email me and I'll happily credit it to you, or remove it if you prefer.

It's the tears, I think.  They rage my horn completely...  I'll kiss it all better, Yamato!... *sob*

Now here, Taichi and Yamato are giving *eachother* the Horn.  But who's to say we can't nick a little piece of that Horn for ourselves when nobody's looking?  It's not like there's not enough to go round!

The *position* (ahem).  The tears.  The look on Tai's face.  The look on Yama's face.  The shock.  The trust.  The forgiveness.  The love.  Pure.  Horn.

It's the infamous 'scowling smile'!  *swoons*

Don't they look feisty when they argue?  XD

The self-assured cockiness that makes Tai so dear to us all...  Pictures of Tai looking like this just seem to dispel all credibility of Yamachi.  This guy was born to be on top.

SLEEPYTAI!!!  *goes Squee lots and rolls on the floor*  Who's a wickle schnookums then?  *glomps the monitor repeatedly*  Ow...

MORE SLEEPYTAI!!  God he's so cute  ^^;;

Yes, I think WereGarurumon is seksy.  Sue me.  I mean, look at the denim, and those spikes!  Don't tell me you've never had a crush on any of the Digimon...

Grrr!  Get him, Yama-chan!  Bite his head!  The jugular, go for the jugular!  *has fallen into a silly fit of quoting from Lion King*

*shudders*  Ooh, get that battered-but-not-beaten look  *licks lips*

Let's just say I have a thing about snow, and leave it at that.

I love it when Yama gets all protective over Teek  XD  It's so sweet!

Ah, but of course.  How could a Taito page not have this pic?

I love this scene in 'Prophecy'.  DAMN YOU CiTV YOU TAITO-CUTTING FIENDS!!!

Ssshh.  This is a sacred scene.  We don't comment; we just watch, and hug the Kleenex box.

Catch that full-on tackle!  Tai is REALLY PISSED OFF!!  (Or is he just 'crotching' Matt cos he's jealous of how TK gets to do it all the time?  *gg*)

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