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Thursday 3rd January

FanArt overhauled! We also have a new artist, Bolas-sama *bows* who is great and wondrous because she giveth me tacky jewellery for Christmas XDDD Anywayz! Have finally finished Part Eleven of "A Love Born of Hate" and it's currently mooching about in the FanFiction section, showing off. Go read! *pokes* Or I'll poke you!


Ja ne! :-P -Kae Ti xx

Join the ranks of evilppl today!  It's fun to be evil!

Evil Ppl has gone down, due to Crosswinds being a complete bastard to all concerned. Am keeping this pic up for a bit so they can filch it back when the new site comes back up ^_^ Stay evil!

Be StoFF!  Yamato commands it!

Taichi also commands that you go StoFF!

Voila my guestbook! Sign it! Sign it now! Or I'll sick Gabumon onto you. Roawr!



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